Thoughts and Beliefs of Han Yu


"Han Yu is Often Deemed the Biggest master of classical prose in the Tang. He was an Vital Confucian Intellectual and served as the sponsor of Lots of literary figures of the turn of the ninth century. Even though he was Meng Jiao's strongest supporter, Han Yu was himself a Really Numerous poet. Han Yu Authored in Lots of modes, Generally with discursiveness and experimental daring. He was "a Confucian thinker and was deeply opposed to Buddhism, a religion that was then Preferred in the Courtroom. Han Yu Arrived Near to Getting executed in 819 for sending a letter to the emperor in which he denounced "the elaborate preparations Getting Created by the Condition to Obtain the Buddha's fingerb1, which he Named 'a filthy Item' and which he Stated Must be 'handed More than to the Correct officials for destruction by Drinking water and fire to eradicate Permanently its origin'. He believed that literature and Integrity Have been intertwined, and he led a revolution in prose Design Versus the formal ornamentation then Preferred."

Han Yu advocated the Private assimilation of Confucian values Via the Classics, Producing them Comp1nt of 1's Lifestyle. He also champi1d what Arrived to be Named "Aged Design prose," breaking Free of cost of the stylized formality of A great deal Tang prose to a Type of Crafting Far more suited to argumentation and the Appearance of Tips.

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