The “Knocking” and “Pushing” Story of Jia Dao

When Jia Dao was concentrating on his poems he was oblivious to all else. A single Evening, riding his donkey, he was Considering about these lines:

Birds return to their nests in trees by the pond.

A monk is knocking at a Doorstep by moonlight.

He couldn't Choose Regardless of whether to replace the Term “knocking” with “pushing”, so he was Generating wild gestures on his donkey, acting out Initial a knock and then a push. Whilst Carrying out this he encountered the Substantial Standard Han Yu, and neglected to give way. Arrested by the bodyguards, and brought Prior to Han Yu, he was Enquired to Clarify his Measures. He Clarifyed how he was Attempting to Choose In between these two Terms. Han Yu Perceived as this for a Extended time, and Stated, at Final, “knocking”" is Far better and they Grew to become Quickly Close friends.

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