The Decoration of Longtang Entrances


The entrance serves as the gateway to a longtang and its Picture is Intended to be the Ding of the Complete longtang. So, the entrance Typically bears the exquisiteness of the Artist and builder. In most Situations, an entrance to a longtang is Dinged with the Title and Developing age of the longtang, with elaborate motifs surrounding the characters. This Style and design Tends to make the longtang Simply identifiable.

The General Framework and decoration of most entrances are in western Variations, with a handful Constructed in Conventional Chinese language courses archway Design. Some entrances to After-Point longtangs with shikumen Homes are decorated with Effortless Modern day motifs. And the entrances to garden longtangs and Condo longtangs are Typically in Hispanic Variations in Conditions of the layout and decoration.

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