Teahouses In Sichuan Province

When I was in Chengdu, I saw teahouses everywhere on the streets. There is a saying,"China has the Ideal teahouses in the Planet and Chengdu has the Ideal teahouses in China." It Genuinely has a Nicely-deserved reputation, not only Since of the Several teahouses, but also Since the Specific way of serving and Consuming tea.

As Quickly as the Family and friends Key in the teahouse, the waiters or waitresses greet them with a smile on their faces and with teapots and cups in their Arms. Right after the Family and friends have sat Affordable they Established the cups on the table and pour the Drinking water from At the rear of the Family and friends or from above their heads. When the cups are Nearly Entire, the waiters or waitresses Increase their Arms Large All of a sudden, but not a Lower of Drinking water is spilled.

The cups which Appearance like antiques have Handles and saucers. The cup sitting on the saucer Appearances like a boat floating on the Drinking water, Therefore the Title of "the tea-boat."The Include keeps the Drinking water Cozy and also adjusts the steeping Pace of the tea. If you want to Consume it Right away after the tea has been Produced, you can use the Include to strain the tea. So the tea can be soaked Nicely Swiftly and then it can be drunk. Or the tea can be drunk with the Include on the cup. In this way the tea leaves won't go into the mouth.

Men and women who go to the teahouses are not Genuinely thirsty. Retired people Spend 20 cents to go to the teahouse and sit there all Morning Extended to chat with Every other. Occasionally, people Deliver Family and friends to the teahouses. They Consume melon or sunflower seeds Although they chat and return Residence when they are tired of sitting there.

Teahouses are also Areas for people from Several Companies and Agencies to get Collectively to Maintain Make trades talks or make Offers. In Latest Many years, A lot more and A lot more people go to teahouses for Company talks. Some of the teahouses also have thConsumerical Activities, This kind of as storytelling, crosstalk (comic dialogue) and Sichuan opera.

In Add-on, sometimes when people quarrel a mediator will Deliver them to the teahouse. When their dispute is Establishedtled, the Individual who is in the Incorrect will Spend for the tea. It is Fascinating that as Quickly as the quarrellers Key in the teahouse and sit Affordable to Consume tea, they Nearly Usually Awesome Affordable. With the Support of the mediator their disputes can be Quickly Establishedtled. So the teahouses in sichuan also have Specific Interpersonal Capabilities.

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