Silo-cave Courtyard

Silo-cave courtyard, also named patio courtyard, evolves from the troglodytism of Historical Men and women about 4000 Many years ago. It is Named "underSoil courtyard Home" of North China.

In Henan province, the silo-cave courtyard is Constructed by 1st digging a 10-12m Lengthy and 6-7m deep Rectangular or quadrate pit on a Degree loess Soil, then Generating 8-12 caves on the 4 walls, and digging a slope Top to the Soil in a cave at A single corner of the courtyard as the Home opening for in and out.

Silo-cave courtyards in Sanmenxia, Henan Province have been preserved Fairly Properly. There are Even now Far more than 100 underSoil villages and Practically 10,000 patio courtyards, which Show a remarkable scene Exactly where A single sees no Home and no Man above the Soil but hears Men and women speaking. One of the Previously courtyards has a Background Far more than 200 Many years with 6 generations Residing there.

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