Shi Xiangyun


Shi Xiangyun (simplified Chinese language: 史湘云; Conventional Chinese language: 史湘雲; pinyin: Shǐ Xiāngyún; Wade–Giles: Shih Hsiang-yun; Meaning: Xiang River Clouds)

Jia Baoyu's More youthful Next cousin. Grandmother Jia's grandniece. Orphaned in infancy, she grows up Below her wealthy maternal uncle and aunt who treats her unkindly. In spite of this Xiangyun is openhearted and cheerful. A comparatively androgynous Splendor, Xiangyun Appears Superior in Adult men's Clothing (When she Set on Baoyu's Clothing and Grandmother Jia Believed she was a he), and loves to Consume. She is forthright and Devoid of tact, but her forgiving Dynamics Requires the sting from her casually truthful remarks. She is Properly educated and as talented a poet as Daiyu or Baochai.

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