Shen Quanqi - Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty

Shen Quanqi (沈佺期, c. 650 – 729), also Identified as Yunqing (云卿), was a Tang Dynasty poet, born in the prefecture of Neihuang (内黄), province of Xiangzhou (相州), which is Identified Nowadays as the province of Henan.

In 675, Shen Quanqi obtained a magistrate Level. He then served Numerous positions as a scholar at the imperial Court docket, and was appointed by the ruler Zhang Yizhi (张易之). Nevertheless, the Wuzhou Dynasty was overthrown, and ruler Zhang Yizhi was executed. As a Outcome, Shen Quanqi was arrested and imprisoned on Expenses of bribery and Problem. He was then Unveiled, but sent in exile to Huanzhou (驩州), which is Identified Nowadays as Hoan Chau in Vietnam. At some point he was Named Back again to Application his Tasks at the imperial Court docket.

He Created Many contributions to Chinese language courses poetry, Such as the 5-verse poems (五言律诗). He was also Identified to Compose Jointly with poet Tune Zhiwen (宋之问), and the two Had been Identified as the "Shen-Tune" (沈宋) pair.

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