Shandong Yangjiabu New Year Pictures


Liaocheng's Yangjiabu Provides New 12 months Pics in East China's Shandong Province. The Art workOperates Primarily Attribute Buddha and Many different other gods in an unconstrained Method. Yangjiabu New 12 months Pics reached a considerable scale in the Ming Dynasty. These Pics Have been also influenced by the Yangliuqing Design, Creating their subjects to Afterwards widen Significantly, Although at the Exact time Keeping their Authentic flavor of Becoming unsophisticated and vivid, Typeing their Personal One of a kind Design.

Shandong's New 12 months Pics as Nicely have a Wealthy Articles, with a Great deal Operates reflecting the Countryside Lifestyle. The collocation of Colours is Ordinarily exaggerated, bold, intense, and violent in contrast. The wild lines also Include a Specific of farmer's painting to the Art work Type.

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