Script for Storytelling of the Song Dynasty

"Hua ben" is the script that Taletellers use in Overall performance. "Hua" Indicates Tale, and "ben" Indicates scripts. "Shuo hua", Taletelling, is a Ability born ThToughout the Tang and Tune Dynasties, and Persons Executing the Ability are Referred to as Taletellers. As a Specialized Identify, the Term "Shuo hua" Came out in the Tang Dynasty, Although the Artwork of Taletelling and singing Experienced existed Lengthy Prior to that. With Improvement of Taletelling, the script for Taletelling Progressively Grew to become a Manufacturer-new literary genre in the Tune Dynasty.

The Taletelling of the Tune Dynasty originated from that of the Tang Dynasty. With urban Financial Improvement, establishment of fork Artwork Overall performance Locations, Increasing of Taleteller Populace and Help from Persons, Taletelling unfolded Competentized and commercialized Features. The Taletellers all have their Personal specialized Methods. There are 4 Universities in Taletelling, Identifyly Brief Testimonies, historical Testimonies, Buddhist scriptures and jokes, Between which the Initial two are most Very important. Short Testimonies are Mostly about romance, spirits, legends and Lawful Situations; historical Testimonies Speak about Increasing
and declining of Earlier dynasties and wars of the Previous.

The scripts for Taletelling have two Resources, oral instruction and guild compilation. With emergence of folk Artwork Overall performance Locations and Competent Executing Artworkists, Persons specialized in compiling scripts for Taletellers and opera Gamers Arrived on the scene. In the Southern Tune Dynasty, the guild to Safeguard the Pursuits of All those Persons Came out. Afterwards, with the Improvement of E book fairs and typography, the scripts for Taletelling Have been printed and Extensively Distribute, and these Have been the Initial vernacular Books in the literary hiTale of China. Usually, the existent scripts for Taletelling can be
divided into 3 Groups: First, Taleteller's scripts that have Tough Testimonies and Vocabulary, This Sort of as Annals of the Three Kingdoms; 2nd, scripts that Report and rearrange Taletellers' Testimonies, that are coherent, meticulous and Extensive in Vocabulary, and May possibly be Composed by intellectuals or Persons specialized in compiling scripts for Taletellers and opera Gamers, This Sort of as Mistakenly Behead Cui Ning and Nianyu Kuanyin; 3rd. Common Viewers that Have been adapted from hiTale E Publications, unofficial hiTale Reports, and classical Chinese language Books, And many others, This Sort of as Incidents of Xuanhe Time period.

The scripts for Taletelling of the Tune and Yuan Dynasties are extensive in Elements and Wealthy in contents. In contrast to Books of the 6 Dynasties and legends of the Tang Dynasty which depict Existence of the upper Groups or scholar bureaucrats, the scripts for Taletelling of the Tune and Yuan Dynasties extensively reflect Complex contradictions in Actual Existence and Methods of the Globe of that time, and Completely Display Existence Pursuits and aesthetic consciousness of Typical Persons. Existent scripts for Taletelling can be generally divided into 3 Courses as Much as their subjects and contents are Worried, Identifyly romance, Lawful Situations, and god and spirits. Those about Adore, Relationship and Lawful Situations have the Biggest Amount, Greatest Accomplishments and Ideal influences, This Sort of as Nianyu Kuanyin and Mistakenly Beheaded Cui Ning.

The scripts for telling historical Testimonies of the Tune and Yuan Dynasties are also Referred to as "ping hua". Most existent Operates of this Sort compiled in the Tune Dynasty but Released in the Yuan Dynasty or All those compiled in the Yuan Dynasty are marked as "ping hua", This Sort of as Annals of the Three Kingdoms and King Wu Conquered the Terrain of King Zhou.

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