Sa Hall


The other holy Constructing in a Dong Mountain Village is the Sa hall. Dong Persons worship Several gods, but their ancestor is the Key. The ancestor they worship is a Lady, named "Sa Sui" or "Sa Ma", which Signifies "sovereign saint grandma" or "saint grandma", an Old heroine in Dong's Background. The Sa hall, also Known as "Hall Sa" or "Ran Sa", is a hall to Provide sacrifices and memorize Sa Sui. There are two Sorts of Sa hall. It could be an altar Constructed with stones and surrounded by walls Without the need of Include, and it could also be a Total Home, seeming like a temple, surrounded with walls. The Sa hall is Normally Constructed Following to drum tower, forming a continuum with it.

Within the Sa hall, there erects a semi-Available umbrella. Below the umbrella, there are two Metal pans, in which there is a Little wooden statue decorated with Red-colored and Eco-friendly silk threads as the Clothing. On the 4 sides of Each and every pan, 12 rubble piles are arranged as Every Chinese language program 12 earthly-branch Method, representing 12 Locations, so it Signifies the statue is guarded by a Complete of 24 Locations. Some silver is buried under Each and every Location. The "12 Locations" are the holiest Spot in a village, so the altar is also Known as "Ditou (the Mind of the mountain village)". Below the umbrella, there is also a wooden bench, on which 5 or 7 cups are Spotd. On Each sides of the umbrella Develop two 1000-Yr-Older boxtrees.

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