Ruins of Emperor Nurhachi's Palace to open to public

Shenyang was served as the seat of Federal government Throughout the Earlier Qing Dynasty, and the reign of its Very first emperor, Nurhachi. Now the ruins of A single of the palaces In which Nurhachi lived will Available to the Community.

The Regal residence Regarded as "Han Wang'gong" was Situated to the north of the Shenyang Imperial Palace. The two structures Have been Constructed in 1625, when Nurhachi sat on the thrA single. He lived there for Extra than a 12 months, from March 1625 Till his Passing away in August 1626. Following his passing, the Website was abandA singled, and the ruins Have been not Found Till 2012. An exhibition hall is now Below Design at the Website, and the ruins will Available to the Community after its completion in August. Meanwhile, a Show dubbed 'Memories of Shengjing', which was Shenyang's Brand Throughout Nurhachi's reign, has Availableed in the Town. It Capabilities Social relics from the Earlier Qing Dynasty.

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