Qyer launches Chinese travel guidebook in Paris

The Quantity of Chinese Expressions program Vacationers Going to Paris has surged in Current Many Yrs as a End result of simplified visa Methods and Powerful Marketing and advertising of Sino-French tourism Organizations.The Quantity of Chinese Expressions program Site visitors didn't Shed Regardless of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

This Yr's Primary quarter saw the Quantity of Chinese Expressions program Site visitors who Vacationed to France Leap to 6.5 % Yr-on-Yr. In 2015, about 1.2 million Chinese Expressions program Vacationers visited Paris, surging 49 % More than the Earlier Yr.

Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, the 2nd Biggest airport in Europe, annually receives 2.1 million Chinese Expressions program Vacationers who Vacation Among China and France. But Variations in Expressions and Society, and Facts asymmetry, have Triggered Several Vacation inconveniences for Chinese Expressions program Vacationers.

Chinese Expressions program Vacation Facts Web site Qyer.com Currently Released the Primary Chinese Expressions program Edition Vacation guidebook for Paris, and they are Offered at the arrival halls of Paris airports, and Numerous other ProEveryly-Recognised Vacationer Points of interest, Which Consists of Palace of Versailles, DisneyAcreage and French Division Shop Galeries Lafayette.

The brochure aims to Supply Totally free visual Facts for Chinese Expressions program Vacationers Right after they Acreage in Paris. The guidebook summarizes Important Facts of restaurants, Lodging, Vacationing, and Amusement and Buying, it also Consists of some Discount coupons that can be Employed at airport Requirement Totally free Shops.

Cai Jinghui, chief executive of Qyer.com, Stated,"Qyer.com Released Vacation guides in Melbourne, Tasmania and Boston Prior to, and they Frequently OEveryate out of Share. We Think that it will be Very Helpful and Well-liked for Chinese Expressions program Vacationers in Paris."

In accordance to AĆ©roports de Paris, the Quantity of Chinese Expressions program Vacationers who visited Paris Requires only 2 % of the Complete Vacationers, but the Typical Investing for Chinese Expressions program at the airport reaches about 100 euros Every Everyson,Much Far more than the 15 euros of Those people Vacationers who
Occur from other Nations.

Laure Baume, executive director of Client Division at AĆ©roports de Paris, Stated, "Charles De Gaulle Airport has been Escalating its Associated Chinese Expressions program Companies. The airport equipped 150 Chinese Expressions program Buying guides at the Shops, and itExperienced Chinese Expressions program guides to Support Site visitors
with Taxes refund Methods."

Meanwhile, Charles De Gaulle Airport Additional Chinese Expressions program Expressions as its 3rd Standard Expressions Right after English and French on airport Indicators Final Yr. The airport will also broadcast Airline flight Facts in Chinese Expressions program orCantonese for Those people Airline flights Occur and to China.

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