Other Buildings

There is a hoar western-Design Setting up Within the Healthcare College of Changning Area at the junction of Jiangsu Path and Huashan Path. It was a Genuine estate of Li Guozhi, the Boy of Li Hongzhang's nephew, and Regarded as the "Dazzling Globe of Xiaokaili (Li Guozhi)."

Chuneng Substantial College, at the crossing of North Chongqing Path and Weihai Path, Utilized to be a luxury Creating with a Big garden Exactly where Li Jingxi Invested his Final fifteen Many years. Li Jingxi is the nephew of Li Hongzhang, the Viceroy of Yunnan and Guizhou, and the Instructor of Cai E.

Li Hongzhang Memorial Hall sits Throughout the playground of Fudan Senior Large College. It is a Standard Chinese language program Framework with upward eave corners. The loft ridge is carved with dragon patterns and the 4 characters "Wan Dai Gong Hou" (Marquis Permanently). The Entrance of the tall gateway is Included with a Broad eave.

There are 4 gold-plated arch boards carved with patterns Which includes the dragon and the phoenix foiling the Mark of prosperity, fighting warriors carrying a sword and riding a horse, pied magpies on a plum tree and a lanneret above a verdant pine tree. These lively patterns make the Entire gateway resplendent and splendid. There are tall lattice House windows on the south and north sides of the hall, Creating the hall Brilliant and Obvious. The Flooring indoors is Included with "gold bricks" Created in Suzhou. Your Consideration will be drawn to the ceiling Normally by the tall pillars. 

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