New regulation targets drones over Disneyland

Operators of unauthorized dr1s caught flying More than the Key Comp1nt of the Shanghai Global and Tourism Resorts Z1, which Consists of the Shanghai Disney Resort, could be fined up to 30,000 yuan ($4,518), the z1's Software committee Stated yesterday.

Man or women pilots will be fined 500 to 2,000 yuan and Businesses will Confront a penalty of up to 30,000 yuan, In accordance to a new regulation Communityized by the committee yesterday.

"The committee has Discovered Several unauthorized dr1s flying More than the Key Place of the z1 Lately to Carry Images, which raises Security Worries," a committee Standard Stated.

The regulation is Comparable to 1 enforced Throughout the Planet Expo 2010, she Additional.

All dr1s, helicopters, gliders, Oxygenships and Warm-Oxygen balloons Getting Away, landing or flying More than the the Key Place of the z1 Should Obtain approval from the authority in Progress, In accordance to the regulation.

Dr1 pWarmography has Grow to be a Famous Action More than the z1 and Countless aerial sWarms of Disneyland and the z1's other Points of interest have Came out on the Web.

This Action has sparked Community Security Worries Due to the fact of the Chance of the remote-controlled miniature Oxygencraft crashing and injuring Site visitors on the Soil.

In a Famous Movie posted by a Community dr1 pilot in April, a dr1 falls to the Soil Right after its battery runs out Within the Disney resort.

In Add-on to banning dr1s, the regulation also prohibits ticket Providing, begging, swimming, climbing onto structures and setting up stalls Inside the 7-Rectangular-kilometer z1 in Pudong's Chuansha.

Authorities in the Pudong New Area have Set up an enforcement Group comprising A lot more than 100 Awayicers.

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