Mountain Village Gate


The gate of Dong Mountain Village is a Sort of "jingan-Design" wooden Framework, Named "Xian" by Dong People today. To villages with scores of to a hundred households, the mountain village gate is Generally Easy, about 1.6m Broad and 3m Higher, Even though to the Larger mountain villages, the gate is Larger and has A lot more delicate ornaments. The gates of Numerous Dong Mountain Villages are Normally identical but with Small Distinctions in Design. Generally, a mountain village gate is composed of Entrance gate, left gate and Perfect gate, or Entrance, left, Perfect and Back again gates.

In an Available Surroundings, mountain village gate as a Make any difference of Reality cannot Immunity at all. From the Viewpoint of Fengshui (geomancy), the mountain village gate plays an Essential Part in Defending the Essential Power and Maintaining ventilation. What's A lot more Essential, the gate Performed an Essential Part in rituals. It is a Unique Area Entire of Social Functions.

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