Lu Ji


Lu Ji (261-303), courtesy Identify Shiheng, was a litterateur and calligraphist of the Western Jin Dynasty. He and his More youthful Sibling Lu Yun Have been Equally renowned literati of that Period of time. Lu Ji was also an Exceptional calligraphist. His Pingfu Tie (Pingfu Rubbing) is the earliest extant Style calligraphy of a Superstar. Lu Ji was praised as "Elite of Taikang". There are 104 poems of Lu Ji handed Straight down, Generally Yuefu poems and pseudo-Traditional poems. Representative Operates Consist of Junzi Xing (Vacation of Gentlemen), Fuluo Daozhong Zuo (Composed on the Way to Luoyang), And many others. There are 27 Fus (verse-Design prose) in existence.
As to prose, In addition to the Nicely-Acknowledged Bian Wang Lun , there is An additional representative entitled Diao Weiwudi Wen (Condolence on the Passing away of Emperor Wu of Wei). The Operates of Lu Ji with harmonious rhythm, antithesis and A lot of literary allusions pioneered the parallel prose Design.

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