Life of Bai Juyi


Bai Juyi was born in Xinzheng to a Bad but scholarly Family Fellow members. At the age of 10 he was sent Aside from his Family Fellow members to Stay clear of a war that broke out in the north of China, and went to Reside with Kin in the Location Acknowledged as Jiangnan, Extra Particularly Xuzhou. He passed the jinshi in 800. His Standard Job was In the beginning Profitable: he was a Fellow member of the Hanlin Academy and Reminder of the Left from 807 Till 815, when he was demoted and exiled Following remonstrating with the Emperor Xian Zong More than the failure to catch the murderer of two Substantial Standards. His Job resumed when he was Produced Prefect of Hangzhou (822-824) and then Suzhou (825-827). His grave is situated on Xiangshan, Throughout the Yi River from the Longmen cave temples in the vicinity of Luoyang, Henan.

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