Lenin Street - A Representative of the Architectural Style in Eastern Sichuan


As a Well-known historical and Social village in China, Stone-bridge City of Daxian County in Sichuan Province boasts a Amazing Lots of Social relics. Among the them, the eleven Properly-preserved sloping flagstone streets from the Qing Dynasty are characterized by the architectural Design in eastern Sichuan.

In Stone-bridge City which is 71 kilometers Aside from the county, tRight here is a 694-meter Lenin Road whose Complete Brand is Leninism Road. From the east to the west on the street tower 4 lofty stone memorial archways. Archway A single was erected in 1869, Brandly, the eighth Yr Throughout the reign of Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. With a Bottom which is 3.3 meters thick, the archway is 7.04 meters Broad and as a Entire, 8.00 meters tall. Archway Two was Set up at a time Near to that of Archway A single. With a Bottom 3.1 meters thick, it is 7.20 meters Broad and as a Entire, 8.8 meters tall. Archway 3 was Constructed in 1870, Brandly, the ninth Yr Throughout the reign of Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. With a Bottom 2.70 meters thick, it is 9.50 meters Broad and as a Entire, 8.70 meters tall. Archway Four was Constructed in 1900, Brandly, the 26th Yr Throughout the reign of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. With a Bottom 3.70 meters thick, it is 7.50 meters Broad and as a Entire, 8.50 meters tall. These 4 memorial archways are all Created
of bluestone plates, with Every single plate 0.50 to 0.58 meter thick and 5 to 6 meters Prolonged. The archways are featured by three-layered corbel brackets and multi-layered upturned eaves. With Circular dragon-phoenix sculptures engraved Higher on the Principal ridges, all except Archway 3 are decorated with openwork floral Styles on the upturned eaves, Hence Creating a magnificent sight. TRight here is a Style Brandd "5 Dragons Holding the Saint" engraved on Best of Every single archway. Apart from, tRight here are a Amount of carvings on the other layers, Which include the "Eight Immortals", "Legend of Putuo Crag", historical Tales like "Swearing Brotherhood in the PEvery single Garden," "Fight Among 3 Heroes and Lvbu," "Twenty-4 Stories of Filial Piety," as Properly as Styles like flower, animal, musical Tool, chess, painting and calligraphy.

Among the all the carvings, tRight here are 480 figures, 16 Styles of Creatures and 15 floral patterns. Especially, Circular sculptures alternate with embossed and painted Types, Higherlighting the Specific artistic Design of Every single Sort.

As soon as in 1933, Xu Xiangqian stationed the Red-colored Army Right here. Also it was on the street that Bad Individuals from the neighborhood gatRight hered to Battle the Community despot, redistribute the Acreage and Create a soviet
Federal government. As a End result, a "red" Draw has been left Right here.

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