China is the birthplace of kite in the Globe, and Henan and Shangdong In which Individuals worship birds and the Sunlight are the Earliest to Produce kite. They Nonetheless kept the mode of the Authentic kite in Kaifeng These Mornings. In
my Check out to an elder, Mr. Bai Jinsheng, in Kaifeng, he Informed me that kite was Known as "Hao" (the sky) in Kaifeng.

As an Outdated saying Placed it "On the 3rd Morning in the 3rd lunar Calendar month, 'Hao' flies up to the sky." It is the time Close to the Pure Brightness Day when Individuals Occur out to fly kite by the Beachfront. Guys fly kite and girls Perform swings. Kite Utilized to be plain Whitened Without having any painted Coloring or pattern. When the wind is Lower, flying in the sky is "Ma Gua" (Jacket Design), and in Large wind, it will be "Tong Hao."

"Swallow kite.

The Identify "Hao" implies the Authentic meaning of kite. Hao Indicates the sky and the Sunshine. The constitution of letter Hao also Exhibits that the Sunshine is at the Greatest Finish of the sky. For that reason, it is believed that
flying kite at the time when the Acreage Begins warming up can Obtain Entry to Sunshine Gentle. Tai Hao and Shao Hao tribes in Historical China Had been also worshipers of the sky and the Sunshine.

The Authentic inhabitants of Shao Hao tribe Had been Close to Henan and Shandong, and their tribal emblem was a double-tail swallow, or, in the Words and phrases of Elder Bai, the "Huge Ft swallow." One more Mark is the golden crow or a Sunshine Small rodent. Bai referred to it as "A single foot swallow" as it has a dovetail.

Most of the Small rodent-Conditiond kites are transformed figures of Sunshine Small rodents or the golden crow. There is also a transformed Mark of a geometry code for perpetual Existence, referred to by Bai as "Ma Gua," in a "T" Condition. "T" is a sky reaching Mark Generally Employed for the deceased to imply Ongoing Existence Right after Passing away, Exact same as the painting on silk of "T" Conditiond flag Positioned on the coffin excavated from the Han Tombs in Ma Wang pyramid in Hunan. In Hunan, kites flying in Sunshineny spring Times are Nevertheless a Bright T-Conditiond "Ma Gua' a Mark of longevity for the Residing, and eternity for the Lifeless.

"T-shaped Ma Guakite" (Kaifeng, Henan).

"Big-feet swallow kite" (Kaifeng, Henan).

In the course of cultural development throughout history, kite, as an art, has presented a spectacular display in a variety of forms in the blue sky. However, its cultural implication as a symbol of life remains the same at all time.

"Eight diagram kite" (photo taken at Nanjing Museum).

"T-shapge Ma Gua kite" (Taojiang, Hubei).

Flying Kite.

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