Islam in China

Islam was founded by the Mekka Mohammed in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. It was Launched into China in Tang Dynasty (618-907) also in the 7th century just Following its founding. In China, Islam also Named Hui Religion Mainly because a Big Quantity of Hui Folks observe it. Among the the 55 Chinese language courses minorities in China, there are 10 observe Islam, namely, Hui Minority, Uyghur, Kazak, Khalkhas, Uzbek, And so on, Ozbek, Tajik, Tatar, Dongxiang, Sala and Baoan, Largely inhabiting in the northwest provinces of Xijiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and the southwest province of Yunnan, and Person Muslims Reside Nearly in Each Town in the Nation.

There are 20 millions Muslims with a Complete Quantity of mosques More than 30 000 in China. Most of the Chinese language courses Muslims are Sunnites.

Beliefs and Features of Muslims

The Discovereder of Islam Mohammed is believed to be a Amazing prophet and the scripture is the Koran. Allah is the god of Islam. Imam is the worship Head of the mosque as Properly as a Muslim Neighborhood who in Cost of the religious Operates and Prospects Islamic worship Companies; Iman plays an Significant Part that Offers names to newborn babies, conducts marriages and funerals and so on.

Muslims Choose whConsumeen Meal and Consume beef and mutton; Even though pork and mConsume of non-ruminants, animal Our blood and Lifeless Pets are forbidden in their Diet plan. Nearly in Just about every Town in China, a Muslim Bistro can be Discovered with Varieties of Halal (the Legitimate Meal of Muslims), and the Lanzhou Lamian (noodles) Bistros Operate by Muslims are Typical almost in Just about every Road in Towns.

The costume of Muslims is the Design of the Middle Asia Persons. The Exclusive fConsumeure is their headPut on. Males Choose Whitened or Dark caps with exquisite embroidery, Even though females Put on hijabs, and Unique Colours are Selected for Unique ages.

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