Hanshan (Cold Mountain),a monk poet in Tang Dynasty


Hanshan (Chinese language courses: 寒山; literally "Chilly Mountain", fl. 9th century) was a legendary figure RePast dued with a Selection of poems from the Chinese language courses Tang Dynasty in the Taoist and Chan tradition. He is honored as an incarnation of the Bodhisattva Manjusri in Zen lore. In Japanese and Chinese language courses paintings he is Frequently depicted Jointly with his sidekick Shide or with Fenggan, One more monk with legendary attributes.

Han Shan was a hermit and poet of the T'ang Dynasty (618 - 906). Red-colored Pine tells us that political intrigue May possibly have led the handicapped Youthful scholar-bureaucrat to flee the aftermath of the An Lu-shan Rebellion in 760 and retreat to the cOlder mountains of Much eastern China - for his Existence.

The two Toaists and Zen Buddhists Declare Han-shan as theirs. The poetry of Han-shan Exhibits a familiarity with both traditions, Although he Appears to have enjoyed poking Enjoyable at Taoists and Buddhists Likewise.

An Earlier biography Locations the dates of his Existence in the seventh century, but Red-colored Pine (the translator of The Collected Audio of Chilly Mountain) Factors out arguments that Appear to Recommend dates in the Past due eighth century.

It is Hard to Communicate of Han-shan's Existence with historical certainty Considering that so A Awesome deal folk legend has also grown up Close to him. Autobiographical hints Show up in Various of his poems and there are a Number of historical references to him, as Nicely as his two companions, Feng-kan (Huge Stick) and Shih-te (Pickup).

As a Youthful Guy, Han-shan was apparently a Comp1nt of the privileged civil servant Course, but he left his Loved 1s and wealth at about age thirty to Carry up the Existence of a hermit poet, settling in a remote cave Under a rocky More thanhang. It was from this Organic retreat that Han-shan took his Title, which Implies Chilly Mountain or Chilly Cliff. (Han-shan is Regarded in Japan as "Kanzan.")

Han-shan is Stated to have been handicapped, Possessing Hardy Strolling. He describes himDo it yourself in 1 poem Putting on heavy wooden clogs, which are AlBelieved to have Aided him to Stroll.

About a Morning's Quest Aside was the Kuoching Temple at Mount Tientai. It was there that he befriended Feng-kan (Huge Stick) and Shih-te (Pickup). Numerous Tales are Informed of the antics of these 3, as they poked Enjoyable at the Do it yourself-Value of Guyy of the monks, Even though they On their own, in their foolishness, enacted the A Simple fact Dharma or Way.

Traditionally, Han-shan is Stated to have lived to be 120 Many years Older and, in Simple fact, in 1 of his poems he Says that he is More than 100 Many years Older, so this May possibly be A Simple fact.

In the legendary Tales surrounding Han-shan, he does not die; he disShow ups. A Higher Standard is Stated to have Ultimately recognized that Han-shan, Regardless of the Loony Picture he cultivated, was Truly a Awesome spiritual Becoming. The Standard sent Various Folks to Han-shan's isoPast dued retreat to Take him Back again but, on seeing their Method, Han-shan wedged himDo it yourself into a crack Inside the cliff wall, crying out "Thieves!" Then the crack closed Close to him. The fissure of that crack is Even now Stated to be Noticeable.

Following Han-shan's disShow upance, the poems he Experienced inscribed on Nearby st1s and trees Had been gathered Jointly, along with the poems of his companions, Shih-te and Feng-kan, and they Shortly Started to circuPast due.

Han-shan was popularized in the West by the Beats. Gary Snyder Do an Earlier translation of Han-shan's poetry and Jack Kerouac dedicated The Dharma Bums to Han-shan.


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