Han Yu - Chinese Famous Essayist and Poet during the Tang dynasty


Han Yu (韩愈) (768–824), born in Nanyang, Henan, China, was a precursor of Neo-Confucianism as Nicely as an essayist and poet, Throughout the Tang dynasty. The Indiana Companion calls him "comparable in stature to Dante, Shakespeare or Goethe" for his Impact on the Chinese language courses literary tradition. He stood for Powerful Middle authority in politics and orthodoxy in Social Issues. He is also Amongst China's finest prose writers, Next only to Sima Qian, and 1st Amongst the "Eight Amazing Prose Masters of the Tang and Track". Track Dynasty poet Su Shi praised Han Yu that he Experienced Composed prose which "raised the Specifications Soon after 8 dynasties of literary weaknesses" (文起八代之衰).

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