Han Fu

Han Fu is a literary Type Among poem and prose, i.e. rhymed prose.

Han Fu originated from Fu by Xunzi. In the Earlier Phase, it was Bigly in the Design of Li Sao (The Lament), and resembled Chu Ci in Type. Later on, the 7 Stimuli by Mei Cheng initiated a new prosified Fu Design, Han Fu.

Han Fu is classified into Da Fu and Xiao Fu. Da Fu is featured by Big Quantity, extensive Framework, imposing Method and ornate vocabulary. Most are masterOperates with tens of Hundreds of Paragraphs. Representative writers of Da Fu Consist of Jia Yi, Mei Cheng and Sima Xiangru of the Western Han dynasty, and Ban Gu and Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han dynasty. Xiao Fu, Yet, is Brief, lucid and graceful. They Had been Composed to satirize Existing affairs, Communicate Feelings, or sing in Communicateing the Adore for Issues. Representative writers of Xiao Fu Consist of Zhao Yi, Cai Yong and Mi Heng, And many others.

The contents of Han Fu can be classified into 5 Sorts: 1. glamorizing palaces and Towns; 2. describing the king’s hunting tours; 3. narrating traveling Knowledge; 4. Communicateing grief for leaving talents to rust; and 5. Crafting about Pets and Factories. Most representative Operates of Han Fu Tumble into the Earliest two Sorts.

Most Han Fu Operates Obtained scattered and lost Even though Becoming Distribute. There are Additional than 200 extant Operates, Which includes some fragmentary Types, which are Consist ofd in Data of the Grand Background of China, Han history, Background of the Later on Han Dynasty and Selection and And many others. The representative Operates Consist of the Zi Xu Fu by Sima Xiangru, the 7 Stimuli by Mei Cheng, and the Funiao Fu by Jiayi.

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