Foreign countries make efforts to cater to Chinese tourists

In 2015, the Quantity of Chinese language Plan Visitors traveling In another Nation reached 120 million. Chinese language Plan Visitors can be Discovered in 151 Nations and regions, and China has Turn into a Main Traveler Producing Nation in the Planet. In Purchase to Supply Much better Program to the Chinese language Plan Visitors, A lot of Nations have Produced Superb Work to cater to the Routines of Chinese language Plan Visitors.

South Korea: Track Joong Ki has been Selected to be the Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism

On April 1, South Korea’s Ministry of Heritage, Sports activities and Tourism announced that actor Track Joong has been Selected as an Honorary Ambassador for South Korean Tourism and will be starring in Korean tourism Ads. Mainly because of his Strike drama “Descendants of the Sunlight”, Track Started to be a Properly-liked actor Amongst the Chinese language Plan Target audience. Owning him as the Honorary Ambassador is A single of the customized Actions the South Korean Tourism Bureau has Used on to attract Chinese language Plan Visitors.

Italy: Chinese language Plan-Design breakfast, Eco-friendly tea and Immediate noodles Ready

Reported by Oushinet.com, A lot of Lodging in Italy have Presently altered their Programs to cater to Chinese language Plan Visitors. For Example, Lodging rooms will be equipped with Electrical kettles, at Very least 4 Several Sorts of Eco-friendly tea, Immediate noodles, and Chinese language Plan Television channels; there is a Chinese language Plan-Design breakfast zA single at the Resort; Earlier breakfast time and customized dinner time from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Additionally, Lodging in Italy also Obtained reminded that Because in China the Quantity 4 is not Fortunate, they Had been Advised not to arrange Chinese language Plan Visitors to Remain in rooms on the 4thFlooring.

Thailand: “The most Favorite with Chinese language Plan Visitors” award

The Ministry of Tourism & Sports activities in Thailand Released an awarding Occasion Concerning “what’s most Favorite with Chinese language Plan Visitors” to Market the Traveler Market in Thailand. Chinese language Plan Visitors can vote on a Web page for their Preferred Lodging, restaurants, Foods, Purchasing Spots, Sights, airlines and so on. Tourists who participated have the Chance to Succeed Totally free tours, fly tickets and souvenirs.

Israel: Customized Program and Chinese language Plan cooks are Employd

The Nanfang Every day Reviews that Israel has Lately simplified their Methods Concerning visas for Chinese language Plan Visitors and now Supplys customized Program for them. In Add-on, Lodging in Israel are equipped with Chinese language Plan Programs, Chinese language Plan Television channels, Warm Consuming Drinking water and Immediate noodles Particularly for Chinese language Plan Visitors, and Employ Chinese language Plan chefs to cook Conventional Chinese language Plan dishes.

United Says: Electrics kettles in Lodging for tea

In Purchase to attract Much more Chinese language Plan Visitors, Lodging in the US are Altering their Program as Properly. For Instance, Hilton announced its Hilton Huanying (welcome) — a Plan Providing Chinese language Plan travelers a customized hospitality Expertise Throughout their Remain in March 2015. Rooms at the Hilton Supply slippers, Chinese language Plan Television channels, and Electricals kettles for Warm tea Producing.

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