Folk Residence


In Dong mountain villages, the folk residences are drum tower-oriented and expanding in all Instructions row by row, forming 1 and One more Huge or Little Making Complicated accordingly. As the Makings are for Residing, they are Constructed Dependent on the Needs for Useful use. Therefore, they have Much less ornaments or Much less Complicated Framework than drum tower or roofed bridge.

Roughly speaking, the Dong Makings have the Common stilt-Kind wooden Framework. Individuals Generate piles into the Soil or into the Drinking water, erect upright posts and Develop Homes on This kind of Schedule. The Homes Constructed in This kind of a way are all named stilt-Kind Makings.

A stilt-Kind Making is Typically composed of 3 Grounds. The bottom contacts the Soil, so it is Instead humid and is liable to intrusion of Many different insects or snakes. Individuals don't Reside on this Ground. It is Applied to deposit the millst1s Applied for grain grinding, pile farm implements and firewood, or Increase poultry or Residestocks. The Earliest Ground is for people Residing, so it consists of fire pit, bedrooms, stairway, Broad corridor and other auxiliary Services. It is the Important Room for people to Reside. The Next Ground is Applied to Shop the foodstuff and the Residing Products that are not Applied Often. It Looks to be a warehouse, but some Households decorate this Ground to be One more Residing Spot in Circumstance any guest stays. Bedroom is the Personal Room to a Family People. Site visitors could not Appear into the bedroom randomly. It is only Applied for Family People People to Relaxation or Rest.

The "obpyramidal Form" is One more Element of Dong people's residence Makings, that is to say, the Earliest Ground is Hugeger than the bottom for about 60cm, and the Next Ground is Hugeger than the Earliest Ground for about 60cm, As well, forming the wooden Making in an obpyramidal Form with Hugeger upper Framework and Littleer Reduced Framework. It is a way for Dong people to make Entire use of the Room. What a Excellent Room utilization Technique which is Elementd by Making use of of the Room other than the earth!

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