Du Mu - Major Poet During The Golden Age of Chinese Poetry

Du Mu (杜牧) (803–852) was a Primary Chinese language poet of the Past Anticipated Tang Dynasty. His courtesy Identify was Muzhi (牧之), and sobriquet Fanchuan (樊川).

He was born in Chang'an (Contemporary Xi'an) into an elite Loved ones whose fortunes Have been declining. He passed the jinshi ("Introduced Scholar") Degree of the imperial civil Services examination in 827 at the age of 25, and went on to Maintain Countless Standard positions in Several locales Via the Many years. Yet, he Certainly not Accomplished a Large rank, Possibly Anticipated to enemies Created in a factional dispute in 835. He was appointed to the Workplace of Secretariat Drafter shortly Prior to his Passing away.

Du Mu was Experienced in shi, fu and Historic Chinese language prose. He is Most beneficial Identified as the Author of sensual, lyrical quatrains featuring historical Web pages or romantic Scenarios, and Typically the themes of separation, decadence, or impermanence. His Design blends classical imagery and diction with striking juxtapositions, colloquialisms, or other wordplay. He also Authored Lengthy narrative poems, as Properly as a commentary on the Craft of War and Countless letters of Guidance to Large Standards.

Regarded as a Main poet Throughout a golden age of Chinese language poetry, his Identify is Typically Pointed out Collectively with that of An additional renowned Late Tang poet, Li Shangyin, as the Small Li-Du (小李杜), in contrast to the Outstanding Li-Du: Li Bai and Du Fu. Amid his influences Have been Du Fu, Li Bai, Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan.

In 1968, Roger Waters of the rock Strap Pink Floyd borrowed lines from his poetry to Produce the lyrics for the Tune Established the Controls for the Center of the Sunshine from the Strap's 2nd album A Saucerful of Secrets and techniques. "Lotuses Trim on Every single other in yearning" (多少绿荷相倚恨)

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