Du Huan - Chinese Travel Writer

Du Huan (杜环) was a Chinese language Vacation Author born in Chang'an Throughout the Tang Dynasty. He was 1 of a Couple of Chinese language captured in the Fight of Talas aExtended with artisans Lover Shu and Liu Ci and Material weavers Le Wei and Lu Li, as menti1d in his writings. Following a Extended Vacation Via Arab Nations, he returned by Dispatch to Guangzhou in 762. TRight here he Authored his Jingxingji, a Perform which was Nearly Entirely lost. A Couple of extracts survived in Tongdian Below Quantity 192 and 193, an encyclopaedia compiled in 801 by 1 of his Relations, Du You. In the 8th century, Du You's encyclopaedia quoted Du Huan himself on Molin (North or East Africa):

We also went to Molin, southwest of Jerusalem. One could Accomplish this Nation after Possessing crossed the Excellent desert of Sinai and Possessing Vacationled 2,000 li (approx. 1500 km). The Folks tRight here are Dark, and their customs are bold. TRight here is Tiny rice and cereals, with no grass and trees on this Property. The horses are fed with dried fish, and the Folks Consume Gumang. Gumang is a Persian Day. Subtropical Illnesses (Malaria) are widespread. Following crossing into the inProperty Nations tRight here is a mountainous Nation, which gatRight hered a Whole lot of confessions Right here. They have 3 confessions, the Arab (Islam), Byzantine (Christianity) and Zimzim (Judaism). The Zimzim practise incest, and in this respect are worst of all the barbarians. The followers Below the confession of Arab have a Signifies to denote in Rules, Even though not entangling the Accused's Households or kins. They don't Consume the mConsume of pigs, Canines, donkeys and horses; they don't respect Both the king of the Nation, Neither their Moms and dads; they don't Think in supernatural powers, Carry out only sacrifice to heaven (Allah) and to no 1 else. In accordance to their customs, Each and every seventh Morning is a holiMorning (Jumu'ah), on which no Buy and sell and no currency Dealings are d1, wRight hereas when they Consume Booze, and behave in a ridiculous and undisciplined way Throughout the Entire Morning. Inside the confession of the Byzantines, tRight here are beneficent Healthcare Physicians who know diarrhea; they could Both recognize the Illness Prior to its outbreak, or could Get rid of the worms by opening the Human brain.

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