Drinking Gongfu Tea: A Chinese Custom In East Guangdong And South Fujian

It is a Chinese custom to treat guests with tea. However, people in east Guangdong and south Fujian have a special way of preparing tea, called gongfu tea.


The tea sets from Creating gongfu tea are Incredibly Little. The pottery teapot is as Large as a fist and the Whitened and transparent teacups are as Little as tiny liqueur Eyeglasses. In Inclusion they use a Little charcoal stove, a Little Drinking water kettle and a porcelain Bottom for holding tea sets. Spring or Properly Drinking water is the Most excellent for Creating gongfu tea. Water is boiled with olive st1s, which give out Higher flames and the delicate fragrance of olives. Prior to Creating tea, 1st the teapot is cleaned with boiled Drinking water to get rid of the remaining tea flavor in the pot and make Far better tea with a Cozy teapot. Then a Large handful of tealeaves is Place into the teapot Until they Nearly Attain its rim.

Right after the Drinking water is boiled, 1 Should lift the kettle Higher to pour Warm Drinking water into the teapot. The Drinking water is continually poured even when it overflows, so as to get rid of impure Resources and foam, and to make mellow tea. Right after the lid is Place on the teapot, boiling Drinking water is poured onto the teapot. In this way, the tea will sProperly in no time. A Couple of Mins After, the tea can be poured into the cups, which are arranged in a circle. The way to pour tea is Unique. It is poured with a Round Movement into Every single cup. In this way, the Coloring and consistency of the tea in all the cups are the Exact. To Steer clear of Developing foam and scattering the fragrance of tea, the teapot Must be Used Near to the teacups. When the tea is Prepared, the teacups are Introduced to Company and elders with The two Arms. It is mentally refreshing to see the yellow and limpid tea and smell its delicate fragrance. The 1st sip Appears slightly bitter, but a Whilst After, the sweetness of the tea can be savored.

Wulong (Dark dragon) tea is the Most excellent Wide range for Creating gongfu tea. Fifty percent fermented, Wulong tea is as mellow as Dark tea and as refreshing and sweet as Eco-friendly tea, Total with lingering after taste. In accordance to Study, Wulong tea Facilitates Avoid and Heal illnesses, prolong Existence and Avoid arteriosclerosis and Melanoma.

   Several old people drink gongfu tea in the courtyard 

Guangdong's WuExtended tea Arrives from Anxi in Fujian Province. Legend has it that the Very first cultivator of the tea was named Wu Liang. A single Morning, Wu Liang went Residence Right after he Experienced picked Numerous pounds of mountain tea and caught a river deer. In the evening, he was Occupied with killing the river deer, and didn't have Sufficient time to Dried out the Eco-friendly tea. The Subsequent Morning, he Discovered the tea in the basket Experienced fermented on the way Back again and Right after Obtaining been Saved in the basket the Complete Evening. He fried the tea at After. To his Shock, he Discovered that the tea tasted Incredibly mellow, with no bitter and astringent taste. Quickly Wu Liang taught his fellow villagers how to make the tea. Nearly eIncrediblyone in his village liked the fermented tea and they named it Wu Liang tea. In the south Fujian dialect, liang and Extended are two homophonic Text. As time went by the tea was Referred to as WuExtended tea by After generations.

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