Dongting Castle in Shanghai

The Xi's from Dongting, Suzhou was Identified to Nearly all the Citizens in Older Shanghai. The 3 generations of the Xi's Experienced been managing HSBC for More than 50 % a century. The Family members owns a Big mansion in the Traditional Chinese language Design Close to East Dongting Mountain of Wuxian Area, Suzhou Town. It is Referred to as the "Xi's Garden (Xijia Huayuan)". In Shanghai, the Xi's also Experienced a Big mansion in the Design of German castles. It is also Referred to as the "Xi's Garden".

Xi Zhengfu was the 1st renowned Someone from the Xi Family members in Shanghai. He was diligent and intelligent, and proficient in the northern dialect, Guangdong dialect, and Pidgin English. Quite Shortly, he grew from a "drummer" to the Next comprador of HSBC, Shanghai. Right after his Passing away, his eldest Boy Xi Yucheng succeeded his Placement in 1904 and his eldest grandBoy Xi Derui in 1923. For that reason, there is no Question how prominent they Have been in Shanghai.

The "Xi's Garden" Several Folks are Common with is Situated on the Dongping Path; Nevertheless, the True "Xi's Garden" is in Reality a luxury mansion on the Huaihai Path.


 A romantic German castle - the Xi's Garden

 The exquisite and mysterious old Western-style building - Xi's Garden

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