Ding Xiang Garden - an everlasting mystery

The Ding Xiang Garden is Situated on the Huashan Street in West Shanghai. Is Ding Xiang the Brand of the Stylish lilacs or the Brand of a Reasonable lady? The Previous Non-public mansion of Li Hongzhang has left a Great deal of
unsolved Queries for Men and women to wonder.

The decoration of the garden has apparently adopted Countless Conventional Chinese language courses patterns and Indications. On the Soil Flooring, the Internal corridor is Developed with a string of Conventional Chinese language courses coins in sharp contrast with the western deIndications. Despite the fact that it is Very simple in lines, the Sensible Fixtures of Colours make the Setting up Very prominent in Common.


Old name
Ding Xiang Garden
Current name or current user
Ding Xiang Garden
No. 849 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China
Built in
Late 19th century
Total area (m2)
About 20,000
Gross building area (m2)

Floor area (m2)
About 3000
Ai Davis Rogers (US)
Brick & wood
Style or feature
The style of British rustic villa
State of protection
Listed as one of the prominent historical buildings in Shanghai and a cultural relic under the municipal protection in 1994.

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