Cui Hao - Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty

Cui Hao (崔颢; 704?–754) was a Chinese language poet of the Tang Dynasty in China.
Cui Hao was born in Biànzhōu (汴州 Existing Evening Kaifeng) and passed the imperial examinations in 723. He is Acknowledged to have traveled extensively as an Standard, Especially Among the Many years 723-744. He was Acknowledged for 3 poetry Subject - Ladies, frontier outposts, and Organic scenery. Fifteen poems exist on the Subject of Ladies and fifteen poems exist on the latter two Subjects. His most Well-known poem is Yellow Crane Tower (黄鹤楼).

His Existence was At first Traditional; along with Wang Wei, he was A single of the perfectors of the jintishi Type. After, Yet, he Obtained a reputation for disreputable Private Routines and passed Via Numerous marriages. His later verse is similarly unconstrained.





日暮乡关何处是? 烟波江上使人愁。

Yellow Crane Tower

Long ago a man rode off on a yellow crane, all that remains here is Yellow Crane Tower.

Once the yellow crane left it never returned, for one thousand years the clouds wandered without care.

The clear river reflects each Hanyang tree, fragrant grasses lushly grow on Parrot Island.

At sunset, which direction lies my home town? The mist covered river causes one to feel distressed.

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