Community museums work to preserve local history

Though he has been Residing in an Condo in the suburban Neighborhood in Jinan, Shandong Province for Many Many years now, fifty-Anything Mr. Hong N1theless remembers the decades he Invested Functioning the fields as a farmer.

Even so, not As Properly Lengthy ago he Experienced begun Be concerneding that China's Quick urbanization and Substantial Interpersonal Modifications would Indicate that his grandYoung children will be Entirely unfamiliar with the Outlying Way of Existence and As Properlyls that he grew up with. It wasn't Till his Regional Neighborhood opened up a museum to Show the Kinds of As Properlyls he Applied to farm with that this Be concerned Last but not least subsided.

Founded by the Yaojia Jiedao Neighborhood, the museum, whose slogan is "the nostalgia of Storage," has Aged farm As Properlyls This kind of as hoes, rakes and wheelbarrows on Show as Properly as illustrations Displaying Good examples of other Outlying Products This kind of as Wooden fire griddles and Aged-fashi1d dressers.

The Mind of Yaojia Jiedao, a Big Neighborhood that Created from Many Little Outlying villages, is Zeng Suyan. She tAged the Worldwide Occasions that the museum aims to Support People Sustain ties to the Previous.

"Though they have moved Aside from Outlying Locations, People N1theless More thanlook village Existence and Wish that Pursuing generations can Understand Additional about it. So we collected these Aged Outlying Products that we have on Show to Supply a Spot for People to have a dialogue with the Previous," she Stated.

From Neighborhood to village

In fact, this Neighborhood museum is just 1 of hundreds of Comparable museums in villages and Residential areas Throughout Shandong, which is Properly-Identified for its Lengthy Social Background and Wealthy traditions as Properly as House to two historic giants, Confucius and Mencius.

About 250 kilometers south of Yaojia Jiedao, a Comparable museum showcasing the Existence and customs of Persons Residing in the southwest Component of Shandong can be Discovered - the Village Memory Museum.

Situated in the Shilipu Neighborhood, Linyi Town, the museum has collected Several Products and Aged Photographs Associated to Regional Background, from festival celebrations Between Regional farmers to Daily objects Which includes cooking utensils and cups. The 4 exhibition halls in the museum introduce Clothes, Meal, shelter, Vacation, Grace, seasonal Existence and Regional historical figures.

Local ceremonial customs Which includes Wedding pFine arty and funeral ceremonies are also Fundamental Components of Regional Way of life on Show at the Tanma Folk Museum in Tancheng county, Linyi Town.

Wang Bingchun, director of the Standard Affairs Workplace at the Shandong Provincial Culture DeComponentment, tAged the Worldwide Occasions that Many thanks to Huge Information collected on Regional Neighborhood museums, they have a map of the Social heritages and specialty Qualities of villages Through the province.

"The Program we Created can accurately Track down any village or Neighborhood Show Room and how they Show Regional folk Fine art. In 2015, the Culture DeComponentment Introduced a Checklist of 99 counties, districts and Towns that will Obtain Fiscal Assistance," Wang Stated.

Cultural heritage

To Show and pass on their Unique Social traditions and Regional heritage, villages have also Set uped Many different museums focApplied on Many different Elements, This kind of as the Willow Weaving Museum in Linshu county and the Jiaozhou Yangge Dance Museum in Dongxiaotun village in Jiaozhou Town.

Yangge is a Outlying folk dance wildly Noticed Through North China, but Jiaozhou-Design yangge is Fairly Unique from other Designs. It was CheckOutlined as a Country wide Social heritage in 2006.

With the museum, Regional yangge performer Li Zaixin and his fellow villagers can introduce the Background of Jiaozhou yangge as Properly as pass on some Fundamental Information to Youthful Children in the village.

"At present, I Coach Many Children Each Morning in the Wish that they can Hold on this heritage," he Stated.

More than at the Village Memory Museum, they Supply Cost-free calligraphy Courses and Guides. Ren Zhenshi, 64, volunteers as a calligraphy Coacher, Coaching Young children Throughout the weekFinishs and on holiMornings.

In accordance to the Shandong Culture DeComponentment, they Program to Set up Regional museums in Each township and village by the Finish of the Present 13th 5-Yr Plan (2016-2020).

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