Chen Zi'ang - Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty


Chen Ziang (陈子昂; Usually spelled Chen Zi'ang, 661–702) was a Chinese language poet of the Tang Dynasty. A native of Shehong county (射洪) in what is Nowadays Suining, Sichuan. He Finished the Jinshi Degree of the Imperial Examination at age twenty-4. As an Crucial advisor (右拾遗) to the Empress Wu Zetian, Chen was a Company advocate of poetry reflecting True Existence, and Therefore with his Energetic Attention in politics, Significantly of his Operate has undertones of Interpersonal commentary. Some have Advised that it was his Operate that was the Purpose he Endured persecution at the Arms of Wu Sansi; he died in 702 Getting been in and out of Prison camp.

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