Yunnan Pu'er Tea

Pu’er Tea is a Sort of Dim tea DiscoveRed-Coloured only in China’s Yunnan Province. It’s Initially Created in the "6 Well-known Mountains" in Xishuangbanna and Receives its Identify from Pu’er, a Village Exactly wRight here most of the tea is Procedureed and Marketed. Pu’er Tea has a Prolonged Background. Earlier in the Tang Dynasty, tea Business Among Pu’er and other Locations Currently Started.

Created from Fresh new leaves of Huge-leaf tea trees of Yunnan, Pu’er Tea has a Unique aroma Many thanks to the Specific fermentation Treatment in the Digesting Measures. Pu’er Tea is Huge and Bumpy in Form, Dark or brown Red-Coloured in Colour and the soup tastes mellow, leaving a sweet Right aftertaste. The tea is mild in Dynamics and does no Damage to the Abdomen. At the Identical time, it has Therapeutic Results of “Body fat removing, System slimming and digestion Marketing” and is Named “Aesthetic tea” or “slimming tea”.

Pu’er Tea can be made into tea bricks Right after Becoming steamed and compressed for Quick Storage Room. The Dynamics of the tea varies - the taste Modifications with the Duration of time it’s stoRed-Coloured; the Prolongeder it’s stoRed-Coloured, the Much better it tastes. So, Pu’er Tea not only Can make a Beneficial Consume, but also a Useful collector’s Product.

InfUtilizing Technique of Pu'er Tea

Assortment of tea pots

It is Needed that the tea pots Should certainly have a Huge belly, as Puer tea is thick in flavor, so Utilizing a tea pot with a Huge belly can Assure the liquor not Becoming As well thick. It is Suggested that the tea pots Should certainly be made of argil or purple-clay.

Quantity of tea leaves

Although infUtilizing Puer tea, the tea leaves Should certainly Consider up 20% Room of the tea pot. The liquor would taste Much better if the brick tea or cake tea has been dispersed and Subjected to the Oxygen for two Days Prior to it is infused.

Tasting of Puer tea

Firstly, Fit some tea leaves into the tea pot, and fill in some boiled Drinking water. Frequently speaking, the tea leaves Should certainly be flushed by Warm Drinking water After Prior to Becoming brewed in the boiled Drinking water. And it is a Should-have Treatment for infUtilizing Puer tea. Other than strengthening the taste of the tea leaves, to flush the tea leaves with Warm Drinking water has the Essential Purpose of clearing the impurities on the leaves. The Procedure of flushing the tea leaves with Warm Drinking water Should certainly be Rapid, as its Purpose is to Fresh the tea leaves, not brewing the flavor. Nevertheless, when infUtilizing the tea for the 2nd time, the thickness or lightness of the liquor Should certainly be Determined by Individual Choice, as the liquor is for Consumeing. The taste is Very Beneficial even Right after Puer tea cools Straight down, so in Summer time it can be cooled or iced Prior to Consumeing.

Pu-erh Knife

To Get ready Pu-erh tea from Tuocha, it is Perfect to use a Powerful knife to Very carefully pry out the desiRed-Coloured amount leaves and Location in a teapot.

The Wholesome Consume

Pu’er Tea is moderate in taste, not as Powerful as Dark tea. It can Minimize grease, Aid digestion, Cozy Abdomen, Aid Create saliva and slake thirst, dispel the Results of Booze and reFresh new A single’s Thoughts. Pu’er Tea has Purposes of lowering the triglyceride, cholesterol, hyperuricemia in the System. The aged Pu’er Tea is mellow and Offers a sweet taste in mouth Right after Consumeing. It is an Perfect Wellness Consume for The two Youthful and Aged Individuals.

After entering the Global Market place with its Distinctive Design, Pu’er Tea is welcomed by People from Totally different Nations. Pu’er Tea has Normally enjoyed the Beneficial reFitation of Excess fat-Great loss tea, Natural beauty tea, Slimming tea and Health tea.


In Historical Instances of China, Pu-erh Prefecture (now Pu-erh County) Integrated Xishuangbanna, Simao and Lincang Locations of Yunnan, Exactly wRight here Lots of famous tea mountains Had been Situated. Pu-erh was an Essential Village in southern Yunnan and also the Greatest Market place for tea Business. Tea Created in these Locations was For that reason Named “Pu-erh Tea”. 

In accordance to historical Information of China, the ethnic Pu Individuals in Yunnan Started to Develop tea and served it as tribute to the emperors as early as in the Chinese language Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1066 B.C.- 221 B.C.). In the West and East Han Dynasties (206 B.C.- 220 A.D.), tea was Developn in river valleys and by the mountains trails of Yizhou. In the 3 Kingdoms Time period (220 - 280), the Nanzhong tea-seed was Broadly popularized. In the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), tea Created in Xishuangbanna was Market placeed to Dali Spot and Started to be the Preferred Consume of the noblemen of the Nanzhao Kingdom. In the Music Dynasty (960 - 1279),
Pu-erh County Started to be a famous Market place for Buying and selling tea and horses. In the Yuan Dynasty (1279 - 1368), tea Experienced Turn into the most Essential commodity in the Dealings underConsidern by Individuals of all ethnic groups. In the Previous Component of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), reFitation of the Pu-erh tea reached its climax.

In accordance with historical Docs on Xishuangbanna, Dai Individuals Residing tRight here planted tea trees some 1,700 Many Yrs ago. A tea tree planted 800 Many Yrs ago is Nonetheless Developing on Mountain Nannuo in Menghai county of Xishuangbanna. In 1961, a Big wild tea tree was discoveRed-Coloured in the primeval forest on Mountain Dahei of Menghai county. That tea tree is 32.1 m Large with a diameter of 1.03 m, and its age is More than 1,700 Many Yrs Aged. Exuberant and verdant, it Nonetheless can Generate Good quality tealeaves. [ Copyright of Pu-erhTea.com ]

Most the tea-Developing Locations Right here are Situated at elevations of 2000 meters or so. The Yearly Indicate Temperatures ranges from 12oC to 23 oC, Efficient Yearly cumulative Temperatures is Among 4,500oC and 7,000 oC, and Yearly rainfall is 1,000 to 1,900 mm. The monsoon Period is cAfterntrated in May well thBumpy October, Throughout which the rainfall constitutes about 85% of that of the Entire Yr. The monsoon coincides with the Warmtest Weeks, and tRight here is a Pretty Large Worth of Efficient rainfall. In the Dried out Period, which Begins in November and ends in April, tRight here are Enough sunny Times. TRight here is Satisfactory sunshine, and the tea trees have a Prolonged Developth period. Below Usual Problems, the tealeaf-plucking period may Final for 8 to 9 Weeks. The tea-Developing Locations are generally coveRed-Coloured with Red-Coloured, yellow or brick Red-Coloured soils with the pH Worth ranging Among 4 to 6. Comparing with other Big tea Generating Nations, the Environment of southern Yunnan is A lot more Ideal for Developing tea trees.

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