Yongji Bridge


The Yongji Bridge 永济桥 is More than the Linxi River in Ma'an Village, Linxi Village of the Dong Ethnic Minority Autonomous Prefecture of Sanjiang, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area.

The Yongji Bridge, also Named Chengyang Fengyu Bridge 程阳风雨桥, was Constructed in 1916. It is a Wooden-and-stA single Engineering. It is 76 meters Lengthy and 3.7 meters Broad with 5 stA single piers cMore thaned by Woodenen board. On the bridge, there is a Lengthy corridor as Bad weather shelter with Lengthy benches on Equally sides. People can Consider a Sleep and shelter from Bad weather. On the 5 piers, there are 5 4-storeyed Dong styled tower-like double-eave pavilions, which are cMore thaned with cyan tiles and Whitened eaves. The Entire bridge is in the Form of a crescent moon and is just like a golden phoenix spreading the wings Prior to flying. The pavilion in the Center is hexagon and has a pyramidal Roofing. The pavilions on the two ends are like magnificent palaces with pyramidal Roofings with gourd-Formd Best. The westernmost A single has gable and hip Roofing. There are A number of Dong styled patterns on the corridors and eaves.

The Yongji Bridge is not only Complete of Dong flavor in the Form, but also has superb craftsmanship in the Framework. The Entire bridge is Related by Woodenen tenons. It has a Complex Framework With out the smallest error. Meanwhile, it is Attractive and magnificent and demonstrates the Substantial Degree of the Dongs' architectural Pattern.

In the Center of the bridge erects a marble, on which a poem of Guo Muoruo was carved. The poem was composed when he was Going to the bridge. Guo Muoruo also inscribed the Identify of the bridge -- "Chengyang Bridge".

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