Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea

Created in Huangshan Town, Anhui Province, Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is the noneThis kind of Amongst all Kinds of Eco-friendly tea in China. The raw Materials is picked in Yellow Mountain and the newly Created tea leaves are Included with coats of pekoe, hereby the Title “Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea”. The tea trees are Mostly distributed Close to the Peachblossom Peak (Taohuafeng) which is featured by Large altitude, dense forest, Brief Day timetime, thick mist and other predominant Organic Disorders. Best Excellent tea leaves are obtained by virtue of the moistening of cloud and mist as Properly as nonexistence of Severe Climate.

Clean Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is Commonly fabricated Throughout the Qingming Festival by selectively picking tea shoots and then Obtaining them steamed, rolled and baked in the Similar Day time. This Digesting Technique can be traced Back again to the Qing Dynasty and has bearing on the Cloud-mist Tea. There are Several renowned springs on the Yellow Mountain which are Perfect to brew Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea for the Objective of Acquiring top taste.

Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is featured by slightly coiled leaves, slender starwort-like Condition, yellowish Eco-friendly, unveiled silver pekoe, and golden jannum. Following brewing it in boiled Drinking water, the steam will arise and linger above the yellowish Obvious Eco-friendly liquor. The liquor is sweetish mellow and emits orchid fragrance, with the leaves presenting yellowish Eco-friendly and Delivering lingering charm.

Other than Maofeng tea, Yellow Mountain also produces a Broad Variety of Well-known tea This kind of as “Tunlv” of Xiuning County, “Houkui” of Taiping County and “Laozhu Dafang” of Shexian County. They are all endowed with One of a kind Characteristics and Well-known Much and Broad.

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