Wooden Architecture of the Dong Minority

The Dong ethnic Set is distributed Through the juncture of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces. Drum towers (鼓楼 in Chinese language courses) and storm-Evidence bridges That contains Numerous folk customs and Social Functions are the Principal Community Properties.

Buildings in Dong villages lack encircling walls and courtyards Mainly because there are Numerous Households and village-Broad Actions that are carried out in the Available in Top of the drum towers at the village Middle.

Dong drum towers can be divided into two Styles; pagoda Kinds and hall Kinds, with the Previous accounting for the Vast majority.

In accordance to Dong legend the drum tower was Constructed to Start looking like a cedar tree, and the All round outline Definitely does Start looking like a cedar, and embodies the Idea of worshipping Huge trees. Within, 4 Huge pillars stand erect, and benches In between the pillars encircle the Middle fire-pond. A Huge drum hangs Affordable from the Best of the tower, and is beaten Anytime A thing Occurs. The pagoda is also Discovered in a hexagonal or Rectangular Type in Inclusion to the octagonal.

The storm-Evidence bridge, also Referred to as the 'gallery' or 'pavilion' bridge, Indicates Setting up a corridor on the wooden cantilever flat bridge and a bridge tower on the stA single bridge pier and bridge abutment. The bridge tower Start lookings Pretty A good deal like a drum tower, but its plane is only in a Rectangular or rectangular Condition, not a polygonal Type.

The Dong Nationwide Area is crisscrossed by streams, so storm-Evidence bridges can be Discovered in Nearly ePretty village, and some have Extra than A single. It not only can Maintain out wind and Rainfall, but also serves as a gateway to the village, and, all the Extra, is a Spot for villagers to Relaxation and Examine Issues. On grand occasions, Kin and Good friends from other villages Appear for a get-With each other. The Entire village, dressed in their Vacation Finest, assemble on the bridgehead to welAppear the Family and friends. They sing Tunes, propose toasts and dance Lusheng dances, demonstrating Powerful Social customs. In Choosing a Website for a storm-Evidence bridge, Superb Interest is Compensated to Organic scenery, so that it can Equally decorate the landscape and Allow Site visitors to Take pleasure in the Stunning surrounding scenery.

Yongji Bridge

Yongji Bridge

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