Vietnam to host int'l wine festival to promote investment, tourism

Vietnam will host an Intercontinental Grape and Wine Festival in Middle Ninh Thuan province from April 17-19, with the Purpose of Advertising Swap, Looking for Purchase Possibilities and attracting Extra Vacati1rs, Menti1d organizers on TuesEvening.

The festival is Anticipated to draw Extra than 100 booths showcasing Solutions Produced from grapes of domestic and International wine- Generating Businesses from France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Hungary, the United Says, South Africa and Germany.

Seminars on grape farming and grape wine Digesting will be Used Throughout the 3-Evening Occasion.

Ninh Thuan province, about 1,100 km south of Budget Hanoi, has the Biggest acreage Below grape cultivation in Vietnam, Mainly in Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Hai districts and Phan Rang Town.

Just about every Yr it harvests Roughly 15,000 tons of grapes and ships Extra than 10,000 tons to provinces and Urban centers Throughout the Nation.

Vietnam is rated as 1 of the most Powerful wine Marketplaces in Asia. Wine imports in 2011 grew 56 % More than the Earlier Yr and reached 77.8 million U.S. Bucks. Favorable Progress perspectives, Enhancing Private incomes as Properly as a Increasing tourism Market are Principal Motives to Clarify why Vietnam has Turn into an Captivating Marketplace for wine makers all Close to the Planet.

France has been Vietnam's Best Provider of wines in the Previous Yrs, in 2011 al1 accounting for 14.8 % of Vietnam's imports, Implemented by Italy (2.3 %) and Spain (0.7 %).

Yet, Chile could replace France as the Biggest provider of wine in the Vietnamese Marketplace Soon after the Chile-Vietnam Cost-free Business Arrangement (FTA) took Impact from January 2014, Menti1d a Past Chilean Business union Standard.

When the FTA is implemented, the import Taxes on Chilean wine shipped to Vietnam will Shed from 56 % to 20 % this Yr and will Strategy zero More than the Following 11 Yrs.

Chilean wine now accounts for 20 % of the Vietnamese Marketplace, Next only to France, which clPurposes 35 %.

In accordance to preliminary statistics Introduced by Chilean customs, Chile exported 10 million U.S. Bucks Really worth of wine to Vietnam in 2011. About 30 Chilean wine producers are At present exporting their Solutions to Vietnam.

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