Traditional Construction Technique of Fragrant Hill Group

Fragrant Hill in Suzhou, Situated on the Commercial lender of Taihu Lake, has a Background of Much more than 2,500 Many years and is A single of the cradles of Wu Customs. Fragrant Hill Party 香山帮 is a group of Development craftsmen and is a Merchandise of Wu Customs. In the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911), Fragrant Hill Party reached its peak. In the Previous, there Have been Numerous Well-known masters of this Area. They Made Numerous Globe-Well-known and splendid Structures, This kind of as the Forbidden Town, Tiananmen Rectangular and the Gardens of Suzhou, which are all Exceptional Triumphs, Established by Fragrant Hill Bang. The Attributes of Fragrant Hill Bang's Developments are harmonious Colours, Good Framework and delicate General arrangement.

In Conditions of decorations, they are versed at wooden carving, brick carving, and Coloring paintings on architectures. What's Much more, the Fragrant Hill Party also Produced contributions to Distribute Chinese language program architectural Customs Close to the Globe by Setting up the classical and Stylish gardens like Those people in Suzhou in Nations like Japan, North america, Singapore, Australia, United states, Spain, Russia, and South Africa.

Because the 20th century, Fragrant Hill Party Started to decline Simply because of the Effect of western Development. It is in Risk of dying out and is in Fantastic Require of salvation and Defense.

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