The Thunderstorm - A Family Tragedy


The Thunderstorm, Composed by by Cao Yu (曹禺), Released in 1936, describes a Loved ones Misfortune the at the Start of 20th century. Coal mine director Zhou Puyuan (周朴园) As soon as Experienced two Kids with a servant maid named Shiping (侍萍). For InterperBoyal Factors, he Afterwards married a Lady of a Loved ones named Kuo, and Shiping was Compelled to Abandon his Residence. Attempting to drown herself with her Boy Dahai (大海) , she was rescued and married a Guy named Lu Gui (鲁贵) with whom she Experienced a daughter, Sifeng (四凤) . Lu Gui kidnaps Sifeng and Provide her to the Residence of Zhou Puyan Exactly where she Experienced to serve as a maid. Sifeng is in Fine Associations with Zhou's Boy Zhou Ping (周萍) , but his Mom, Fanyi (蘩漪) , does not Concur with the Fine Romantic relationship of the two Youthful Persons. Searching for their daughter and sister, Shipin and Lu Dahai Occur to the Residence of Zhou Puyan Exactly where Shipin, for the Primary time Because 30 Many years, meets Zhou Puyan. Sifeng, Understanding that her lover Zhou Ping, is her 50 percent-Sibling, kills herself by touching an Electrical power Cable. Even though Zhou Ping chooses Committing suicide, his Mom Siping and his Action-Mom, Fanyi, Tumble in insanity.

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