Tea Production

A new tea-plant Should Develop for 5 Many Yrs Prior to its leaves can be picked and, at 30 Many Yrs of age, it will be As well Aged to be productive. The trunk of the Aged plant Should then be Reduce Away to force new stems to Develop out of the roots in the coming Yr. By repeated rehabilitations in this way, a plant Might serve for about 100 Many Yrs.

For the fertilization of tea gardens, soya-bean cakes or other Types of Natural and organic manure are Typically Utilized, and seldom Substance fertilizers. When pets are Found out, the Impacted Factories will be Eliminated to Avoid their Distribute, and also to Keep away from the use of pesticides.

The Period of tea-picking Is depFinishent on Nearby Environment and varies from Location to Location. On the shores of West Lake in Hangzhou, Exactly where the Properly-Acknowledged Eco-friFinishly tea Longjing (Dragon Properly) Arrives from, picking Begins from the Finish of March and 1asts Via October, altogether 20-30 Occasions from the Identical Factories at intervals of 7 to 10 Times. With a Lengthier interval, the Level of quality of the tea will deteriorate.

A Experienced Female picker can only Collect 600 grams(a 1ittle More than a pound)0f Eco-friFinishly tea leaves in a Evening.

The new leaves Should be parched in tea cauldrons. This Perform, which Utilized to be Performed manually, has been largely mechanized. Most excellent-grade Dragon well tea, N1theless, Nevertheless has to be stir-parched by hand, Executing only 250 grams Each and every 50 percent hour. The tea-cauldrons are heated electri- cally to a Temperatures of about 250centigrade degrees or 740centigrade degrees. It Requires 4 pounds of flesh 1eaves to Generate 1 pound of parched tea.

For the processes of grinding, parching, rolling, shaping and drying other grades of tea Diverse Models have been Produced and Constructed, turning out about 100 kilograms of Completed tea an hour and relieving the Performers from A lot of their drudgery.


The Most excellent Dragon Properly Tea

The best Dragon Properly tea is Collected A number of Times Prior to Qingming (Pure Brightness, 5th Pv Phrase) when new twigs have just begun to Develop and Hold "1 leaf and a bud". To make 1 kilogram(2.2 lbs)of Completed tea, 60,000 tFinisher leaves have to be plucked. In the Aged Times Dragon Properly tea of this grade was meat solely for the imperial househAged;I t was, As a result, Acknowledged as "tribute tea".

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