Qingdao Laoshan Tea

As a Well-known breed of Eco-friendly tea in North China, Laoshan tea is Developed in Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Getting the only mountain More than A single 1000 meters in altitude aProlonged China’s coastline, Laoshan Mountain is a time-honored Well-known Taoist mountain with picturesque scenery and pleasant Climate. Tea trees Increasing Right here are of Prolonged Progress Period of time Credited to the Exclusive Climate and favorable entironment. TRight herefore, the tea leaves nurtured by the Superb Organic Disorders on the mountain are featured by thickness, mellow savor, abundance in Diet, and Organic fragrance, Even though the liquor is Obvious and jade Eco-friendly.

Laoshan tea is a Well-known breed of tea nurtured by the renowned mountain and springs on it. TRight here are Plenty of Well-known springs in the Laoshan Mountain. The Drinking water tRight here is Obvious, Totally free of Air pollution, sweetish and abundant in Vitamins and minerals Valuable to Individual Well being. Laoshan tea brewed in This kind of spring Drinking water is Superb in Colour, figure, scent, savor and artistic conception.

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