Lushan Cloud-fog Tea

Lushan Cloud-fog Tea is a sort of Best-Excellent Eco-friendly tea Created in Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi Province. It is named Right after the Manufacturing Spot. Lushan Mountain is featured by Large altitude, Excellent seasonal Temperatures Main difference, Powerful irradiation of ultraviolet, could and mist suffusion in 50 % a 12 months, and murmuring spring. This Atmosphere Provides advantageous Developing Circumstances for tea trees and facilitates the compounding of aromatic Ingredients in them, Therefore contributing to the Best Excellent of Lushan Cloud-fog Tea.

Created of Sensitive shoots, Lushan Cloud-fog Tea is characterized by Stylish and prominent Visual appeal, unveiled silver pekoe, jade Eco-friendly Coloring and luster, lingering fragrance, Clean and sweet savor, as Nicely as Extended-lasting Right aftertaste. The liquor is abundant in tea polyphenol, leaf extract and Extended-lasting intense fragrance, with the Articles of tea alkaloid and Nutritional C Largeer than that of Typical Sorts of tea.

It is Mentioned that monks Residing on the Lushan Mountain Started to plant tea trees on the mountain Earlier in the Eastern Han Dynasty 1800 12 monthss ago. The Period of time Close to Qing Ming Festival is the Large time for picking tea leaves, the raw Materials of Lushan Cloud-fog Tea. The most Valuable Lushan Cloud-fog Tea is “Mingqian Tea” which is made of tea leaves picked Earlier to the Qing Ming Festival when spring just Arrives Back again and the shoots are Very Sensitive. The picked shoots Should be processed on the Same exact Evening with Many Functioning Methods. A single kilogram Completed tea Needs More than 0.1 million Sensitive shoots.

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