Jing - Painted Face Male in Beijing Opera


To see a Jing (ching) actor for the Earliest time is a startling Encounter for the spectator. This Component is Much more noted for courage and resourcefulness than for scholarly intelligence. Frequently Actively playing the Component of a Substantial-ranking army Standard, the Jing actor with his painted Confront can also be Observed as a warrior or offocial . His robust, gruff, bass voice and grotesquely painted Confront Collectively with his swaggering Do it yourself-assertive Method all combine to make him the most forceful Character in most scenes in which he Seems. Jing actors are Generally, in Actuality, extroverts.

The Standard Tip for the Fundamental Coloring is: Red-colored for Excellent,Whitened for treacherous, Dark for brusque,and blue for wild, i.e. a bandit would have a blue Confront. All Jing actors Put on a heavy, ornate costume and a Mind Attire with a padded jacket Beneath to Boost the Impact, They can be divided into 3 Primary Sorts: Dong-Chui(T'ung Ch'uei), Much better Acknowledged as Hei Tou (Dark Confront), who is Excellent at singing and Generally a loyal Standard; Jia Zi(Chia Tze), who is Excellent at acting , and Standardly a Much more Complex character; and Wu Jing, who is Primaryly proficient in fighting and acrobatics and seldom plays a Extremely prominent Part.

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