Direct flight links western China, Middle East

Clad in Conventional Outfits and holding the sweet tea that Nearby Hui Men and women serve Friends and family, a Party of dancers welcomed a Boeing 777 from the Center East to Northwestern China on Tuesday.

Yinchuan, Funds of the Ningxia Hui autonomous Location and Property of A single of China's Greatest Muslim Residential areas in the landlocked Location, has eagerly awaited the landing of the 1st-Actually Emirates Airline flight.

The Dubai-to-Yinchuan Airline flight is scheduled for Actuallyy Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

"Ningxia is joining Arms with Emirates Airline to Start China's westernmost logistics Middle on the Silk Path to Grow Alone into a strategic highland in the Nation's westward opening-up and a strategic transit Place on the Silk Path Financial Belt,"Stated Li Jianhua, Ningxia's Best Standard, at the opening ceremony.

He Stated China and Arab Nations have Awesome Prospective for cooperation in Make trades, finance, tourism and Genuine estate, and this Airline flight serves as a Beneficial Begin.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chOxygenman and chief executive of the Oxygenline and Emirates Group, Stated the route Gives Quickly and Handy connections to Center Eastern, African and European destinations By means of Dubai.

"We are Self-confident that this Oxygen Url will also Support Increase the flow of Make trades and tourism to Developing Middle and western Elements of China," he Stated.

Following landing at Yinchuan Hedong Airport, the Airline flight will Carry on farther east to Zhengzhou, Funds of Henan province, Prior to returning.

The Dubai-Dependent carrier Currently flies to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. New routes have been scheduled to make seamless connections to destinations in the Center East, Europe and Africa, Supporting Nearby Chinese language courses to Journey to most Places in the Globe, By means of Dubai.

The new Airline flight is the Newest Actuality or Increaseing Ningxia's positioning of Alone as a gateway from China to the Arab Globe and a strategic Place in the Belt and Path Initiative.

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