Conventions of Tea Drinking

Serve tea: Serving tea to the guest is a Conventional Chinese language courses convention lasting for Additional than 1000 Many years. The host Should serve the tea respectEntirey Generating use of The two Arms to Maintain the tea cup. People who are dainty Commonly will Place the cup onto a saucer or tea-tray, and, when Providing the tea, they will use two Arms to Maintain the saucer or tea-board Prior to the chest Even though saying softly “Appreciate your tea”. The guest, at the Very same time, Need to slightly Proceed his Entire body forward and Communicate gratitude.

Existing tea: If the guest likes the tea he has drunk, the host will Typically present some tea to the guest to Display his Superb hospitality.

Generating salutation by knocking the Cubical: When the host serves tea or Include Drinking water for his Family and friends, some Family and friends will knock the Cubical rhythmically Generating use of the bended Center finger and forefinger of their Proper hand to Communicate their thankfulness.

Covering cup to thank the host: It is a convention for the host to serve tea and Include Drinking water for the guest. If the guest has drunk his fill and Would like to Go away, he will Commonly flatly Distribute out his Proper hand with the Center of the palm dPersonalwards onto the tea cup, indicating, “Thank you. I don’t Require Additional tea.

Totally free tea: Totally free tea, Primarily Provided by Non-Federal government charity Agencies, is Preferred in Countryside Places of Jiangnan (south of the Decrease reaches of the Yangtze River) of China. Generous Men and women Increase Finances out of their Personal wills to Established bowers and tea canopies, Exactly where they heat Drinking water, brew tea and Provide to People free. In some Places, names of contributors will be carved on the stele. In Aged Instances, some nunneries also Applied to Provide free tea for People, and these nunneries Had been Referred to as “Tea Nunnery”.

Substitute tea for wine: The tradition of substituting tea for wine has existed for Additional than 2000 Many years in China. In the Zhou Dynasty, a prohibition was decreed by Emperor Wuwang, who knew that the Shang Dynasty was just defeated Attributed to Boozeic Includeiction and Problem. So Men and women Started to Provide tea to the emperor, Even though the noble and Typical Men and women substituted tea for wine As well. The Customized has Appear dPersonal Right up until Nowadays.

Tea Foodstuff: Tea is not only a Type of Consume, but also can be Includeed into Foodstuff to beAppear a mellow, appetizing tea Foodstuff. Tea Foodstuff can be Applied to relieve Men and women's hunger Without the need of Sensation As well Entire. There are some relative tea Foodstuffs, This kind of as seVery same sweet tea Made in Changsha of Hunan Province, smoked bean tea Made in Zhejiang Province, ghee tee Made by the Tibetan, and Babao Essential oil tea Made by the Miao minority.

Tea Right after or Prior to dinner: To Fresh the mouth and get up the appetite, Men and women Commonly Consume Obvious, sweet, mild Eco-friendly tea or scented tea Prior to dinner. A Brief Sleep Need to be Used Prior to Consumeing tea Right after dinner. Sweet, greasy-reProceedd tea like oolong and Puer tea is Favored Right after dinner, for it has the Capabilities of digestion Marketing and advertising, anti-Booze and anti- halitosis.

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