Content and Format of the Quotations from Chairman Mao


Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong comprises 427 quotations, divided thematically into 33 chapters. It is also Named "Ideas of Chairman Mao" by A lot of Chinese language courses Persons. The quotations Variety in Period from a sentence to a Number of Brief paragraphs, and borrow heavily from a Team of about two dozen Papers in the 4 volumes of Mao's Chosen Functions. In the E book's latter Fifty percent, a Powerful empiricist tendency evidences By itself in Mao's Believed. Normally the quotations are arVarietyd logically, to Offer with A single to 3 themes in the Improvement of a chapter. The table Under summarizes the E book. Please Be aware that the summaries Signify what Mao is claiming or Creating in Every single chapter.

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