China's high speed rail menu updated

Guests on China's Substantial Pace rail now have Additional Foods and beverage Alternatives to Match their Different Desires and Spending budget.

China Railway has Additional 100 Varieties of new catering Programs to its Authentic menu, on which 300 Varieties of Foods and beverages are At present Getting served on Substantial Pace rail All Via the Nation.

Lately, a dish Named "rè gān miàn" (热干面) on Wuhan Railway Bureau's new menu has gained Significantly Reputation Among the passengers. Wuhan is Well-known for the dish "re gan mian", which literally Signifies "Warm Dried out noodles" that are served with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame paste, pickled Veggies, chopped garlic chives and chili Essential oil.

Each and eExtremely box of ImMass mediate "re gan mian" noodles only Charges ¥10. And One more Inexpensive However Extremely Substantial High quality Foods Must be the ¥12 baozi Established menu, which Consists of two steamed buns with pork fillings, a yogurt box and an egg. The baozi Established menu is the most Common Selection on the Educate, Mentioned Conductor She Guibao, who Operates on G516 Educate commuting from Wuhan to Beijing West.

The Qingdao High Pace Railway Bureau also Released catering Companies for Team Food. Customers can make reservations for Team Food Via its Standard Interpersonal Mass media account on Wechat.

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