A female Part Qing Yi performer. His Design is recognized as ZHANG Style. His plays Consist of " River-Facing Paguda", "Getting together with by poem" For example. He was regarded the Amount 1 of the 4 Junior Excellent Female Role Avid gamers.

A great Jing Participant and the founder of QIU Style. His Dad was a Well-known Jing Participant who Experienced a Key Effect on his opera Job.He entered the Well-known opera College of "Fu Lian Cheng". He leared from a Wide range of Participants Which includes Lao Sheng Participants and Used into his Overall performance and Launched A lot of reforms into Jing arias and actings. He Made a Circumstance that all Jing Participants Adhere to his Design. His College students Consist of FANG Rong-Xiang. His Well-known plays Consist of " Execution of CHEN Shi-Mei", "Village of Chi-Sang", "Stealing the Elegant Horse" For example.

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