White Liquor

Baijiu, or shaojiu is a Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage. The name baijiu literally means "white liquor," "white alcohol" or "white spirits". Baijiu is often mistakenly translated as "wine" or "white wine," but it is actually a distilled liquor, generally about 80 to 120 proof, or 40-60% alcohol by volume.

Fragrant Baijiu
Baijiu is very clear with a fragrant taste. The after-taste of Baijiu is flavorful and always makes drinkers want to have another sip.

Jiuju is a container used by ancient Chinese people to heat up alcohol. It has three leg, between which a small fired can be placed to heat up the alcohol.

Chinese Tequila
Baijiu is traditional Chinese tequila. The equipments to make Baijiu play an important role in the progress of making Baijing.

A kettle, with its long 'neck' and big 'stomach', is not only used to contain alcohol, but also water.

The Older, the Better
High quality Beijiu has to be have been stored for a long time to have a fragrance.

Yibin Wuliangye
A famous Chinese liquor. Hard liquor is produced in almost all the cities and provinces in China; the ones produced in Shanxi and Sichuang are the most famous liquor.





Famous Baijiu

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